Broad Objectives

Role & Function of Facilitation Centre:-

  • To propagate SHG concept among the poor.
  • To organize rural poor into homogenous affinity group.
  • To assist the SHG in opening Bank Account.
  • To make thrift and credit meaningful for economic empowerment of the SHG.
  • To assess Training need to SHGs.
  • To review, monitoring and capacity building of the peer groups.
  • To promote financial efficiency within the member of the groups by enforcing best practices.
  • To promote networking of SHGs for scaling up the enterprise capacity ofSHGs through federation and encourage micro-enterprise development.
  • To strengthen and streamline book-keeping and audit system at group level.
  • To provide a platform for monitoring cum recovery of bank loan.
  •   To establish good communication platform for networking with governmental and non-governmental initiatives for meaningful direction of  SHG movement and easy access of information to develop and upgrade indigenous technologies of SHGs and marketing of SHG products.
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